How does Interactive FX work?

All of Interactive FX’s processes and fees are totally transparent. What this means is that you always have control over your trades, being shown the live mid-market exchange rate and the commission that applies to every transaction. There are no hidden fees at any point.

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Do you know how much your company paid for its last currency transaction? How about what exchange rate was applied by your bank or broker? Compare what we offer with what you see with the rates offered by your bank. If there’s a difference, this will be what is known as a ‘spread’, in other words a hidden charge that banks bury in their exchange rates.

Pricing Interactive FX

On average, customers at the moment pay around 0.15%, however as more and more people use Interactive FX this average rate will decrease.

Money Transfer Pricing
  • money transfer pricing

    On-boarding Fees: £ 0

  • money transfer pricing

    No Monthly Fee: £ 0

  • money transfer pricing

    Exchange Fee Charge: 0.15%

  • money transfer pricing

    80 Currency Pairs supported

  • money transfer pricing

    Contract Length: No Engagement

  • money transfer pricing

    International Transfer to 135 countries

  • money transfer pricing

    Access to the Interactive FX Cloud Platform is Free

money transfer pricing

Money Transfer Fees

Interactive FX is a P2P marketplace, so exchange rates can be set up between users.

Interactive FX charges 0.15% of the total amount exchanged on each side when customers match each other. In the event that there are no other customers providing a competitive rate foryour exchange, Interactive FX will step in and match with you instead.

  • Local Payment Fee for USD, GBP, EUR SEPA, NOK, DKK, SEK, PLN: £3

  • Local Payment Fee for SGD, AUD, MXN, HUF, CZK, CAD: £5

  • Local Payment Fee for HKD, THB: £9.50

  • SWIFT Payment Fee: £15.00

  • SWIFT Tier 1 £17

  • SWIFT Tier 2 £20

  • SWIFT Tier 3 £25

  • SWIFT Proof of Payment: £15

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