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Tips for Working across Borders

Tips for Working across Borders

 Interactive FX Team Interactive FX Team, 02/03/2018

As an online money transfer and currency exchange platform, Interactive FX can be used anytime and anywhere with internet access. As such, we’re proud to be the provider of choice for many digital nomads and migrant workers, those that are employed or perform their job beyond the borders of where they call home.


The nomadic lifestyle can be an alluring one for anyone with remote access and a desire to travel. As an increasingly popular trend, we’ve put together a list of a few tips for those who might be considering or transitioning into this growing lifestyle.


Keep all your documentation current. Nothing hinders the lifestyle and capability of a digital nomad more than an expired visa or outdated passport. Keep in mind that most developed nations require that your passport is valid for at least six months from your travel date. Don’t wait until the last minute to update your documentation, and make sure you always have a government-issued photo ID on hand.


Learn the language. It would be ridiculous to expect anyone to become fluent in a new language in a short time, but learning greetings and key phrases can go a long way in getting around and general ease of access. Use the technology accessible to you; applications like DuoLingo and Google Translate can be very helpful in learning enough to get by.


Connect with people. When traveling to a new place, of course you should see the sites and absorb the culture, but connecting with native people is a great way to really immerse yourself in a new region. Make an effort to strike up conversation and make new friends. You might be surprised at how receptive most places are to tourists and travelers; many people are eager to share their favorite things about their homeland with newcomers.


Transfer smarter. Managing your finances when living and working abroad is, traditionally, no simple task. But if you use an intuitive online platform like Interactive FX, you can make transfers and exchange currency anywhere you have internet or mobile access. There’s no need to set up new bank accounts or establish different payment methods everywhere you go, and you can avoid the typical hidden exchange fees that banks and other providers tend to charge.


By challenging yourself, taking in the local culture, and avoiding costly currency exchanges, the digital nomadic lifestyle can be an extremely rewarding experience, one that’s already enjoyed by millions of people around the globe. With Interactive FX, you can take control of your finances and appreciate an increasingly borderless world.