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about us interactive fx

At Interactive FX, we strive to shift paradigms. Our commitment is to create the best foreign exchange solutions for the world.

We are an independent FX money transfer company aiming to facilitate global commerce. As such, we allow individuals and multi national corporations to transfer money abroad.

With offices in Luzern, London, and Hong Kong, we are able to extend our reach on a global scale, which means that we understand better than anyone the complex and at-times fragile nature of the world’s currency markets. Our organization’s privately owned structure allows us to make decisions decisively, rapidly, and inventively.

Interactive FX was founded by Interactive Energy AG; a leading physical trading commodity firm that provides marketing and logistic business solutions. Founded in 2015 , our aim is to provide the most secured, transparent and easiest access for our clients while making online transfer. Staffed by professionals equipped with in-depth experience in the realm of currencies and money transfer business, we are proud to be a new major participant in world’s money transfer industry.

about us interactive fx

Our organization prides itself on a true esprit de corps, a sense of unity that goes beyond just occupation. We strive to attract the most proficient personnel at all levels of our company, and we retain them by treating them with the integrity and respect they deserve. There is mutual trust between our administration and our employees that is not commonly found in a workplace; we place responsibility on our workforce with the knowledge that they are resourceful, intelligent, and reliable. Our brief hierarchy allows us to act decisively and make decisions swiftly. It is on this platform that we build sustaining relationships with partners and customers alike that rely on Interactive Energy AG for sound business practices, pragmatic thinking, and creative solutions, all with our resolute devotion to excellence.

about us interactive fx
about us interactive fx

Our primary responsibility is and always will be to our customers. As a privately-owned company, we are able to make decisions swiftly and resolutely. We have the personnel, experience and technology at our disposal to make intelligent connections, optimise economies of scale and create enduring partnerships.

Interactive FX is a very unique type of business. As a privately-owned company, our focus is always, without exception, on our customers.

Our partnership model is at the heart of the way we conduct business, and gives us a very real advantage when compared with our competitors, who are required to consider the needs of external shareholders as well as customers.

The adaptability of our company lies in our aptitude to anticipate, forecast, and react quickly and more successfully than our competitors. This strength and speed allows us the time and capacity in which to create innovative solutions, to optimise the presented opportunities.

Competitively driven and service oriented, Interactive FX was founded with the vision of providing clients with the best and most creative solution. Interactive FX ' commitment to technology is crucial and we strives to model real client concerns with non-conventional and proprietary tools that sometimes go beyond traditional measures.